Thank the Universe for Snow Storms

Story time with Yoga Siren…So today at yoga there was a lady there that I have seen often and am always sure to say hello to and offer my warmth and a welcoming smile. Today she placed her mat next to mine and I asked her “so what brought you here?” Here is her story..there was a lady who recently moved to this side of the Mitten State. She was unfamiliar with the area and was just “driving around” one Snowy, Frigid December afternoon. As she drove by a building she spotted a folding wooden sign stuck in a snow bank. The snow was so high, though, that all she saw was the word HOT. Thinking she could duck in for a Hot Jamba Juice to chill her bones she entered the building…only to discover Hot Yoga rather than the Hot Beverage she was looking for! Had she been able read the entire street sign, she said she would NEVER had entered that builiding and that yoga would have never entered her life (and her Soul).

Moral of the story….Thank the Universe for Snow Storms!!! We all arrive in different ways…what’s YOURS???